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Telehealth – Virtual Urgent Care

Patients experiencing COVID symptoms who want to quickly speak with a healthcare provider can take advantage of Queen’s Virtual Urgent Care program. Log into your MyChart account to get started. Open 7 days a week, 8am – 4pm HST.

How to Join a Virtual Urgent Care Video Visit

You can join a Virtual Urgent Care Video Visit from your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Check out the instructions below.

Joining from a tablet or smartphone?

Joining from a laptop or computer?

Log into MyChart and Connect with a Provider Now

Open 7 days a week, 8am – 4pm HST

For MyChart support call:

Instructions for Queen's Patients

Both you and your provider will use audio and video, so you can see and talk to one another during your visit. For this you will need:

  • A Laptop, PC, or iOS/Android smartphone or tablet with camera, microphone, and speakers
  • Internet or Wi-Fi access (Wi-Fi access is preferred over cellular, as a strong Wi-Fi signal offers a better and more stable experience)
  • If using an iOS or Android device install the free Cisco Webex Meetings App (available in the Apple App store or Google Play store)
  • If using a computer you may use Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox browsers to easily connect. You may also use the Chrome browser; however, it may require downloading an extension or running a temporary application
  • Make sure that you can access your email from the device you’ll be using for your visit.


  • Find a quiet place with limited distractions where you can connect to your appointment
  • Limit the use of your internet for other activities during your visit. This will help to keep the video clear.
  • This visit will be billed to your insurance company like your in-person visits

Installing The Webex App On Your Mobile Device

  1. On your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) open the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Type Webex into the search
  3. Download the Cisco Webex Meetings App
  4. The App icon should now display on your mobile device
  5. Open the Cisco Meeting App and Accept the terms of service

Your doctor’s office will either send you an email or give you a meeting number to join the visit.


  1. Open the email on the mobile device you’ll be using for the visit.
  2. Click the “Join Meeting” button from the email (join a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time).
  3. The WebEx Meeting App will open*
  4. Enter your name and email address
  5. Allow the app to use your microphone and camera
  6. Click Join

Meeting Number

  1. Open Webex application on your phone
  2. Click the “Join Meeting”
  3. Enter the Meeting Number provided by the doctor’s office
  4. Enter your name and email address
  5. Click Join

*If you get this screen, the app has not been downloaded. Click Download

These buttons should show black like below so that video and sound are turned on. If they are

If you still have issues with the audio/video, in the app:
Click into Settings > Audio & Video Confirm the settings match what is circled here:

Use Internet for audio

  • Self Video On – Front Camera

For technical assistance with using WebEx for your telehealth visit call 808-691-8141
Download Printable Version

Guidance for Queen's Physicians

Using recent guidance from the CDC and The Queen’s Health System we have created a brief “Quick Guide” to assist physicians in providing care at home and how to convert outpatient visits to Telehealth visits.

The following provides a brief “Quick Guide” on how to get started on providing Telehealth Visits.

Telephone (audio only) visits can be scheduled in CareLink as “Telephone Visit” and billed using the G2012 “virtual check-in” code. Verbal consent for telephone “virtual check in” visits is required to be documented in the visit note (for each visit).

“Telehealth” visits use synchronous, two-way, audio-video telecommunications. Telehealth visits can be scheduled in CareLink as “Telehealth.”

Queen’s Employed Physicians

For the departments of Neuroscience, Cardiology, and Pulmonary, use Cisco ExtendedCare integrated into Epic CareLink MyChart For other departments, use Cisco WebEx Meetings. Queen’s has purchased HIPAA-compliant WebEx Meetings licenses for our providers.

Queen’s-affiliated providers may use our Cisco WebEx Meetings licenses. Please sign up for a email address and a WebEx Meetings account.

Non Queen’s-affiliated physicians can use a variety of HIPAA-compliant telehealth platforms, such as and Zoom. These platforms are easy to launch for solo providers and small practices.

An encrypted, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform is still recommended for telehealth visits to the patient’s home.

However, during the federal emergency, the federal government will not be enforcing HIPAA requirements for telehealth so providers are allowed to use a non-HIPAA compliant platform (like Skype, Google Hangout, or FaceTime) as a last resort.

For Queen’s-affiliated and QCIPN providers who already have a email address and who want to use our Cisco WebEx Meetings licenses, please have your manager go to the ServiceNow portal here and submit the “Request for QHS WebEx Host Account“.

For QCIPN providers who do not have a email address and who want to use our Cisco WebEx Meetings licenses, fill out the Request a WebEx Account from QHS smart sheet. QCIPN and Queen’s IT will then help you sign up for a email address and a WebEx Meetings account.

There is no legal requirement to have specific written informed consent from the patient to have a telehealth visit.

Documentation for telehealth visits is similar to in-person documentation plus a statement that the visit was completed using “synchronous, two-way, audio-video telecommunications”, “originating site” is the patient location, and “distant site” is the provider location.

Billing for telehealth visits uses standard E&M codes for office visits (time- or complexity-based) plus a specific modifier (95 for most payers) and place of service (POS) code (02).

In Hawai’i, all private payers and Medicaid plans are already required to reimburse for telehealth visits to the patients home, equivalent to in-person visits (based on state law).

Medicare part B has strict “originating site” requirements that have prohibited reimbursement for telehealth to the patient’s home – these requirements are now waived during the federal emergency. This means that Medicare (and all other payers in Hawaiʻi) will currently pay equivalently for telehealth visits to the patient’s home.

During the federal emergency, CMS will allow new patient evaluations to be done by telehealth (not limited to established patients). This is already allowed in Hawaiʻi for private payers and Medicaid.

Hawai’i statute requires all malpractice carriers in Hawaiʻi to cover providers for telehealth.

Please see Telehealth informational slides within the Queen’s COVID intranet. Call The Queen’s Telehealth Support Line: 808-691-8141

Telehealth Start Up Guide: Intro to Cisco WebEx Meetings


Tips for Getting Started on Telehealth (QCIPN Version)


Tips for Getting Started on Telehealth (Detailed Version)



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